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What kind of fries does the vending french fries machine choose What is the reason?

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The concept of a coin-operated French fry machine that sells fried fries is an innovation. It permits customers to purchase a set amount of fries and it is efficient automatized, simple, and easy manner. The vending machine offers fresh French fries via the color touch screen and the customers can also order mayonnaise curry paste, ketchup and mayonnaise. The principle of operation of the machine is to cook frozen French fries at 180 �� for 120 seconds, and after that, eat them.

The French fries vending machine uses a dispenser specifically designed to cut the French fries.

Deep-fried fries purchased by the supplier at the store can be directly poured into the freezer of the machine. The freezer’s temperature ranges between 12 and -18 degrees Celsius. This temperature is not just able to guarantee the freshness of the frozen French fries, but also lock the moisture in the French fries and prevent the flavor of the French fries from becoming stale.

The material used to make the raw materials is specially made French fries that have been deep-fried using an oven that is industrial. These French fries are able to be consumed straight away because they are already cooked. If you make use of raw and fresh French fries to deep fry the time for frying will be very long, and the French fries need to be picked up at the midpoint to dry, and then once again fried to serve.

Deep-fried fries can be a fantastic way to speed up process of getting the actual quality. The rapid heating time of this kind of fries is very short, and it can provide the best food for customers in the shortest time possible.


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