French fries are prepared by deep-frying frozen fries at 180°C for a period of 120 seconds, and then turning them over in hot oil. The vending machine makes French fries in less than 90 seconds by using the most advanced robotic technology. The new vending machine can serving frozen or fried French fries to your cup in less than two minutes. Warm frozen fries and then distribute fresh fries in less than two minutes. The chips made from potato are so crisp that you are unable to resist standing in line in front of the machine.

With this new vending machine, you can satisfy your cravings for crispy potatoes, and you will get the latest and most salty new methods of catching food. This French fried food vending machine that is coin-operated, provides customers with one or more kinds of food in a fast and efficient manner.

What Kind Of Fries Are Ideal For Vending On A French Fries Machine

Operating parameters include the time to cook frozen French fries, the discharge time of excess oil that is released from cooked French fries, as well as the volume of frozen fries per meter second of the conveyor belt. It is possible to have frozen French fries that are large enough to fit in a single frying pan, or sufficient French fries enough to fill an entire basket.

After receiving the production request when the order is received, the magnetic trapdoor placed inside the refrigerator compartment will be turned on, the cooking compartment will open immediately and the French fries will be transferred from the refrigerator compartment to the basket. French fries are able to be kept in a container underneath the cooker pot. You can pre-store 8 portions of French fries at a time.

What Kind Of Fries Are Ideal For Vending On A French Fries Machine

The most successful vending machine fries potato chips with oil, which means you can purchase fresh French fries at any time. These French fries can be roasted or fried to your preference. French fries must be eaten within 4 minutes or else theya??ll turn soft and taste terrible.