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What kind of corn is the most suitable for automatic popcorn machine?

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What kind of corn is the most suitable for automatic popcorn machine?

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Now consumers have higher and higher requirements for food, not only delicious, but also good-looking. In view of these two requirements, we have more and more stringent requirements for raw materials, namely corn.

According to the use and kernel composition, corn can be divided into special corn and ordinary corn.

(1) Sweet corn: also known as vegetable corn, can be cooked and eaten directly, and can be made into various flavors of canned, processed food and frozen food. Sweet corn is sweet because it has a high sugar content. Due to different genetic factors, sweet corn can be divided into three categories: common sweet corn, enhanced sweet corn and super sweet corn. Sweet corn has a large sales volume in developed countries.

(2) Waxy corn: also known as sticky corn, its endosperm starch is almost entirely composed of amylopectin. The difference between amylopectin and amylose is that the molecular weight of amylopectin is much smaller than that of amylose, and the digestibility of amylopectin is more than 20%. Waxy corn has high viscosity and palatability, and can be eaten or canned. Because of the high digestibility of waxy corn, it can be used as feed to improve feeding efficiency.

(3) High oil corn: refers to the type of corn whose kernel oil content is more than 8%. As the corn oil mainly exists in the embryo, the high oil corn has a larger embryo.

(4) High lysine corn: also known as high-quality protein corn, that is, the lysine content in corn kernels is more than 0.4%, and the lysine content of ordinary corn is generally about 0.2%. High lysine corn has high nutritional value, which is equivalent to skimmed milk. With the emergence of high-yield and high-quality protein corn varieties, the development prospect of high lysine corn is very broad.

(5) Popcorn: the popcorn type mentioned above is characterized by high content of cuticle endosperm and water in starch grains bursting in case of high temperature. Generally, it is popular as flavor food in large and medium-sized cities.

The R &D team of Hommy enterprise Co., Ltd. selects high-quality popcorn from various parts of the motherland, which should be perfect in shape, crisp in taste and unique in flavor.

The unique geographical location and climate characteristics of Xinjiang region in China make the endosperm content of corn higher and sweeter. In addition, the corn seeds imported from Europe ensure the absolute quality of corn.

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