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What is the best pizza flavor for Americans? What's the size of their pizza?

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We always get a headache whenever we split a pizza order with friends. While some might prefer more meat than others, some may prefer less. We can still discover the best pizza flavor in a pizzeria. Pizza’s popularity stems from its ability to give every taste experience a consumer desires.

Pizza is so loved that it’s been dubbed the best fast food available in the world. As the called birthplace of fast food, the United States is estimated to eat 350 slices of pizza consumed each and every second.

You can ask what the American’s most-loved pizza flavor is.

A poll of over 6000 Americans showed that pepperoni was America’s favourite pizza topping. It was found that 64% of Americans prefer the topping pepperoni. The toppings that are most popular with Americans are sausage in 56%, mushrooms in 54%, cheese extra at 52%, onions in 48%, and sausage in 54%. The survey found that around 29 percent of the participants stated that thin crust was their preferred pizza crust type. American pizzerias usually offer pizzas in 10-inch sizes. The smaller sizes can go up to 16-18 inches. The most well-known pizza size in the U.S. today is 14 inches in diameter.

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