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What are the advantages from the pasteurization process of the ice cream machine?

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Pasteurization keeps the ice cream fresh!

The ingredients in ice cream should be processed pasteurized as this is able to kill all pathogenic and pathogenic bacteria. This ensures that consumers are protected. Pasteurization is cost-effective since ingredients need to be heated to an appropriate temperature before homogenization can occur.

Pasteurization 1 eliminates pathogenic bacteria in large quantities; 2. allows mixing of various ingredients ingredients into solutions; 3. improve fragrance; 4. increase quality. make products more uniform in texture.

We all are aware that ice cream is made from milk. It contains proteins, fats and vitamins. Pasteurization can be described as a heat treatment sterilization procedure, and it is an important process when it comes to processing milk. Proper heating can extend shelf longevity. It will kill pathogenic bacteria and preserve milk nutrition and fresh Qi.

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