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Vertical Ice Cream Machine HM716

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HM716 Product Features

Hommy is a professional company to create products. They have refrigeration engineers who are experts, software engineers, and structural engineers to ensure that the product quality is stable and long-lasting. Additionally the individual design is added to make it easier for future after-sales services. Hommy ice cream machine is worthy of trust.

Soft Serve Freezer, Frozen Yogurt Freezer

Twin Twist, Pre-cooling, Air Pump, Mixer, Counter, Ultra-quiet


Product selection Offer all the most loved soft-serve flavors, from ice cream to low or non-fat frozen Yogurt.

Flavor Serve two distinct one twist flavor.

Mixer hopper Two 13 litter capacity (13.7quart, 3.43gallons)

The Freezing Cylinder (two 1.8 litter capacity 1.63quart, 0.48gallons)

Touch screen control

* Touch control microprocessor is housed in a strong glass panel with tempered.

* Temperatures of the hoppers or freezing cylinders could be shown at any time of operation.

* Provides the necessary level of viscosity needed for servings.

Mix level indicator and alarm. When the light on the mixer flashes, the machine automatically shuts down to prevent destruction.

Standby mode is activated during lengthy no-use time periods, the standby mode keeps safe temperatures for the mix hopper and freezing cylinder. the mix hopper as well as in the freezing the cylinder.

Pressure protection is a function of the cooling system.

Durable construction with stainless steel cover creates a modern and luxurious exterior appearance.


The system that precools keeps mix lower than 5degC in auto and standby modes. Air-pump delivers the mix using some amount of air into the cylinders that freeze.

Mixer is able to maintain mix consistency in the hoppers. Counter allows the user to count the servings that are being served.

Ultra-quiet 50-55decibel noise.

Product Specification

Hommy is a professional company to do product design. There are refrigeration engineers with experience along with software engineers and structural engineers to ensure the quality of the product is high and long-lasting. At the same time, the personalized design is made available to help with future after-sales service. Hommy’s ice-cream machine is worthy of trust.

Product Advantage

Hommy have produce ice cream machine for 20 years experience, vending machines for ice cream add more function soft ice cream ,because no guy to service constantly . Based on this, we adding more sensors and using software to controll it that is good quality and good function .


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