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Vending pizza machine

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Hommy (Xinhui) Co. Ltd. developed a fresh pizza vending machine lately. The machine is very updated with many humanized functions:

Following are the features and functions for your reference:

1. The pizzas are packed from front side, you can place the machine back again to the wall or any other place that is suitable.

2. The machine is installed with 15.6�� color touchscreen for operation, it comes with SIM slot for remote control access and payment via terminal . And installed with a 43��display screen for advertising.

3. Payment system: coin, costs, MDB user interface for credit credit card, coin change or online pay.  Payment system is optional.

4. Cold room can keep 96pcs or 88pcs 12��pizzas

5. The machine has computer remote management, enable you to check the sales statistic, configure the pizza cooking guidelines and sales information.

6.  There is low inventory alert and malfunction alert can be sent to mobile.

You will find indoor or outdoor machine for option.  Price for indoor machine is US$13200/pc Ex-factory.  Price for outdoor machine cost more than indoor machine because the materials for outdoor machine differs for indoor machine in order to withstand the outdoor winter temperatures.  If you need more information, you can visit their website

for more information.


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