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Vending machine telemetry

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Benefit from the modern scientific and telemetry technologies, Hommy Enterprise’s Vending machines can offer the best cash and cashless payment systems and services for the operators and their customers

Hommy’s vending machines offer multiple payment solutions, such as an all in one unit of Coin Recylier, Bill Recycler or a Credit/Debit Card Reader. The recyclers give you the ability to accept $1 – $20 bills and retune change in smaller bills and coins. With the Credit/Debit Card Reader, you will have the ability to accept the credit cards which may be swiped through a slot or  contactless payment such as onlinepay, Apple pay, Ali pay, allow your customers more ways to pay and more incentive to spend.

Connecting with WiFi or 4G, the telemetry technologies alllow the operator to mamage the machine easily:

1. Through the 24/7 Remote Data Collection System, to monitor the inventory and do the restocking without affecting the sales.

2. Real time Status / Data of the machine, materials situation, boost the sales needs.

3. Timly discover the machine failure and directly send working diagnosis message to the factory monitoring center to solve the problem quickly.

4. Easily upgrade of advertising content, background and operation interface of the screen.

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