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Vending machine supplier of hommy sugarcane juice supermarket

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In recent years, vending machines have become increasingly more popular in our life. There are bottle and can vending machines with serpentine channels, beverage vending machines, snack and daily needs vending machines with spiral spring conveyor stations, and crawler vending machines that sell fruits, vegetables and lunches through elevators.

Hommy’s smart vending machines are different. In conditions of payment method, in addition to the traditional cash payment method, hommy vending machine can also use cellular phone to scan QR code and face recognition payment method. The more payment methods, the greater customers and the far more convenient the purchase, the increased sales can be increased.

The buying connection with smart vending machines is also far better. Customers can choose products through 24 Inch Touchscreen. They are able to also gain access to online shopping malls through mobile phones to select products online and pay for them, and then get products from smart vending machines. They are able to also enter a delivery code or award exchange code to get the product. Intelligent vending machine is very interesting and can effectively stimulate consumers’ wish to buy. And hommy’s intelligent vending machine is available 24 hours per day throughout the year

Intelligent vending machine management is far more convenient. Through the Internet, smart vending machines positioned in various places can automatically upload sales data to the management history. Administrators can view the status and sales data of every machine anytime and anywhere through the backdrop account. The smart vending machine also has the function of lack prompt. The intelligent vending machine has high efficiency and reduces the labor cost naturally!


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