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Vending machine | self service vending machine | vending machine | vending machine manufacturer - HOMMY products

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With the development of economy and the progress of science and technology, vending machines can be seen in all places. Artificial intelligence self-service has become the development trend of various industries, and retail industry is no exception.

There are many kinds of vending machines on the market, such as vending machines for snacks and drinks, fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy products, daily necessities and so on. Although vending machines have developed for many years in Japan and abroad, in China market, it is also in recent years that with a series of new retail models, such as "new retail, unmanned retail", vending machines gradually come into the public's view. Technology and market are also maturing.


The modern vending machine can also be said to be a smart vending machine. It not only supports cash payments such as paper money, coins, but also supports various payment methods such as WeChat, Alipay and UnionPay. Because of its small size and small occupation area, it can also realize 24-hour unmanned sale, greatly saving space and labor costs; Moreover, it can also realize remote monitoring. Operators can log in to the background of vending machine by mobile phone or computer to view daily operation data, as well as inventory status of goods, and replenish goods in time. It can be said that with the continuous maturity of technology, vending machines not only facilitate our daily purchase needs, but also help businesses save a lot of operating costs. Only one vending machine can realize the entrepreneurial dream.

Although there are many kinds of vending machines on the market and they have all kinds of functions, there are only a few goods lanes. There are the most common spring spiral goods lanes, crawler goods lanes, S-shaped stacking goods lanes with high-precision positioning, automatic addressing goods lanes, and lattice cabinets suitable for takeout.

HOMMY is a fully automatic machine specially designed for vending machine. HOMMY company provides ice cream vending machine, pizza vending machine and automatic popcorn vending machine for a long time. Welcome to inquire!

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