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Vending machine - Intelligent vending machine Co., Ltd

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How does the market respond to the vending machines placed in shopping malls? It is understood that most of the vending machines in the market are operated by the merchants themselves. The purpose is to increase the exposure rate, improve the popularity, and attract other merchants to join in the purchase. Some operators have calculated an account for the ice cream vending machine: the price of a vending machine is about 250000 yuan, the service life is 10 years, the monthly turnover is 30000-40000 yuan, while the material cost and site cost are less than 10000 yuan, and the monthly profit is 20000-30000 yuan. If you put vending machines in places with more people, the profit will be higher.

With the upsurge of new retail and consumption upgrading, automatic retail industry has become a popular industry for many investors, and will become a trend in the future. Industry insiders believe that what is really suitable for automatic sale is low-cost and stereotyped FMCG, and hommy vending machine belongs to this type. What's more, the best way for vending machines to make light decisions and let consumers see what they will be willing to buy also needs a standardized management. Beverage machines, lunch boxes, orange juice machines and vending coffee machines are also very suitable for vending machines.

The vending machine, coffee machine, beverage machine, pizza vending machine, automatic French fries vending machine and many other types developed by HOMMY have advanced equipment and distinct differentiation characteristics. It also provides franchisees with a cooperative mode of leasing and various policy support, which is a good helper to help entrepreneurs achieve rapid profits.

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