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Vending Machine, Professional Vending Machine Operators, , Free Vending Machine.

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Become a Vending machine operator and maintain vending machines at particular locations or on delivery routes.  Hommy vending machines typically contain items such as soft ice cream, frozen yogurt, milk shake, popcorn, hamburger, pizza, french fries, soft drinks, snacks, and other convenience foods. Some operators focus only on stocking the machines and keeping inventory logs, but many also repair faulty devices and equipment as needed.

HM766C automatic ice cream vending machine is the 3rd generation of ice cream vending machine produced by Hommy Enterprise (Xinhui) Co. Ltd. positioned in a premium segment and is developed to offer a cup of good taste and smooth soft ice cream in 2 minutes. The machine can offer 240 cups of soft serve frozen yogurt in one time feeding. Ice cream cup storage capacity can be 300~400pcs.

 automatic ice cream machine

Hommy Pizza Vending machine is upgraded and provide up to 96pcs pizzas in a machines. People can choose flavor from touch screens, order more than one pizza, or he can even order cold or hot pizza.  People can enjoy a hot and delicious pizza in 3 minutes after pay by cash or cashless.

pizza vending machine

French fries vending machine can offer a portion of crispy fries in about 90 seconds after you pay in the machine. Big storage capacity of 110 ports of fries allow you to be fast paid back from the investment.

french fries vending machine

Find more vending machine from Hommy if you want be to a professional vending machine operator.


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