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Top sale high quality welcomed popcorn machine vending

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Recently, the Hommy self-help popcorn machine was officially put into production and use. This is also the first new product released by Hommy since adjusting its business strategy.


The self-help popcorn machine also adds three management systems, namely infrared light sense, cloud service background management system and card reader system. Before, the operation and management mode of vending machine belongs to manual on-site inspection. The status information of vending machine can only be learned after it arrives at the site. In addition, the distribution range of vending machine is wide, which causes management difficulties and heavy maintenance workload. Now, through the cloud service background management system installed on the Hommy self-service popcorn machine, wireless communication with the vending machine management platform, the network management of the self-service popcorn machine can be realized, the operation status of the self-service popcorn machine can be monitored and the remote price setting function can be increased. In this way, the PC can be used to set the price of mass operation of the self-service popcorn machine The operation is changed, which saves manpower and material resources and improves efficiency.

By operating the control button of the Hommy self-service popcorn machine and the background management system of cloud service, the sales, loading, background monitoring and management are realized, and the sales of the self-service popcorn machine in the market can be mastered in real time. The real-time wireless network can get the exact information of each Komei self-service popcorn machine and control the vending machine remotely. This can flexibly allocate management resources, save management cost, improve management efficiency and achieve great results.

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