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Top 5 Best Soft Serve Snow Cream Machines for Home

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Recently, hommy is rolling out five very soft ice cream machines, which have the characteristics of compressor rapid refrigeration, detachable inner tank, 1000ml large capacity and so on.

With it, from ingredients to collocation, from style to taste, ingredients from their own selection, fresh and healthy without adding, DIY low calorie ice cream can be found at home.

Hommy domestic smooth ice cream machine adopts commercial refrigerator compressor, which boosts the refrigeration effect by 75% weighed against semiconductor. It can complete food in about 40 minutes without precooling beforehand.

With a big capacity of 1000ml, 500g of ice cream is likely to be made at an individual time. It is easy to cope with the problem whether it is a woman party or a family dinner. The inner liner is constructed of 3003 aluminum alloy for food contact, which is constructed of high-efficiency cooling, and it is not easy to produce glaciers crystal, which promotes ice cream condensation. As well as the internal liner is easy to mention, without worrying about the problem that cannot wash water.

Hommy home smooth ice cream machine maintains strong and fast cooling, and also can control the noise generated during operation within 60 dB.

In gear, it can be divided into three levels: ice cream, solitary mixing and one refrigeration. Glaciers cream gear is used for making snow cream, single mixing up gear can be used for secondary combining recycleables, and one refrigeration can be used to keep carefully the taste of glaciers cream.

Hommy automatic snow cream machine has unique flavor, delicious nourishment and many entrepreneurial advantages. The one-stop support of the headquarters enables you to start your business easily, and you can move towards success quickly. The income space is huge. Now it is an excellent time to join. The extensive support plan is more assured and the profit space is more huge. Interested friends can easily leave a message to contact us.


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