The working principle of the steam water machine is extremely simple. Steam water machines work by connecting the syrup bag, carbon dioxide bottle and tap water pipe. Tap water, carbon dioxide and syrup are mixed together in proportion (the proportion can be altered) in the host. There is a cooling device in the host, which is output after cooling.

Specific working procedures of soda vending machines

1. After being purified through the filter, tapwater enters the carbonizer and mixes with carbon dioxide gas, forming carbonated water.

2. Through independent pipes, carbonated water and syrup are cooled down in the mixer in the present.

3. The cooled carbonated water and syrup is mixed in an appropriate amount through the distribution valve, and then released into a frozen carbonated beverage.

1. What are the reasons why the taste of the soda machine is better than that of a bottle?

Because the soda created by the soda machine has CO2 as well as ice cubes which enhances the taste. However, the basic gas contained in the bottle isna??t enough. The ice, however, is not as good as the cubes of ice. Personally I like the soda made by the soda machine.

2. Do K and M use tap water

Yes! Yes! But the steam turbine will filter the steam through the filter element before it gets into the turbine. The sterilization lamp sterilizes the steam turbine. There are generally four or five levels of filtering that range from coarse filtration to fine filtration. The filtered water is safe for drinking and is able to be used in all production processes.

3. Is the concentration of soda syrup adjustable

Adjustable, with standard ratio of 15. You may feel lighter if the syrup is too sweet or youa??ve increased the amount of water. Businesses may do so for cost. They will test the calibration each week, it is understood.

The soda machine makes any cold drink you want including carbonated drinks, soda, Sprite, Fanta, etc; The soda vending machine is simple to use, clean and hygiene-conscious. This machine is a great equipment for the industry of beverages. The product is humanized design, has no worries about seasonal fluctuations, and is drinkable in a single sitting without refrigeration. It is easy to understand the basic workings of soda vending machines. Here’s a quick explanation of its basic workings it is made up of carbon dioxide carbonization system soda syrup adding system. It is comprised of carbon dioxide system, steam turbine refrigeration system and steam turbine discharge distribution system.

CO2 system for soda vending machines

The CO2 gas, following decompression, supplies two pressures to the regulator system. One of them is to supply high-pressure water to the carbonizer, while the other is low pressure syrup pressure. The gauge of capacity (representing the pressure of the gas cylinder). If it’s less than 400psi, the secondary pressure reducing valve on the gas cylinder should be replaced (pressure for the syrup barrel’s syrup bag) and set at 40-60psi primary pressure reducer valve (pressure for the carbonizer).

Syrup system to be used in soda vending machines

The stainless steel syrup barrel is used for syrup supply, and CO2 is used as a source of power. The typical capacity of a syrup barrel is 5 gallon (18.9 Liters) and the syrup bag can hold 20 liters. There are two connectors that are marked at the top of the barrel. One is the syrup output port as well as the CO2 input port.

System of carbonation used in soda vending machines

The filtered water is being pressurized by the carbonation pumps which is fully cooled inside the ice water tank through the coil. Then, it goes into the carbonation cylinder to blend with carbon dioxide to form carbonated water. The carbonated water is moved to the valvehead with high-pressure CO2 coming from the carbonation cylinder. The water is then distributed in accordance with how it will be used to make carbonated beverages.

Steam water vending machine cooling system

The cooling system that is used for steam vending machines consists of a condenser, compressor and the evaporation coil. Also included is a mixing device, ice probe and electronic control board. The water tank serves to soak the coil that evaporates. The compressor starts to turn on and the refrigerant expands. This forms an ice layer with three to five centimeters thick on the surface of the evaporator coil. This keeps the water tank at 0 degrees. This way, the water coil, syrup coil and carbonization cylinder immersed in the tank will be able to reach the required capacity of refrigeration. If the ice probe is able to determine that the thickness of ice is adequate then the electronic control panel controls the compressor to stop functioning. If the ice plate gets lost during the peak period of water and steam use when the probe determines that the thickness of the ice is not sufficient, the electronic control board will instruct the compressor to kick off and stop refrigeration in order to repair the ice layer, to ensure the beverage is able to attain an appropriate temperature time and again.

Steam water vending machine distribution system

When the valve is opened, the carbonated water and syrup that have been cooled by the ice water tank are initially mixed at the valve nozzle of the distribution valve and then poured into the cup to make beverages. The distribution valve for the steam water vending machine comes with a regulator which can adjust the flow of syrup and water and also the sugar water ratio is determined by adjusting.

For special occasions, a tea establishment and coffee shop, beverage shop or bakery are all available. The soda dispenser is often used in hamburgersand fried chicken, fast food restaurants, self-service schools and various cold drinks like the cold drinks selling points at KFC, Pizza Hut and McDonald’s.