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The most popular ice maker wholesale Hotel

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In recent years, people’s living standards have not improved. It seems that a cup of milk tea or coffee every day has become a necessity for “office workers” and “student party”. For many ready-made beverage stores, the demand for ingredients represented by ice is undoubtedly increasing. With the rising temperature, cold drinks, tea, coffee market naturally ushered in a hot period of development. It can be said that the demand for ice in its cold drink shop will also usher in a greater growth.

There are more and more tea and coffee stores. As refrigeration equipment that can quickly convert water into ice through refrigeration system, the application of ice maker in tea and other on-the-spot beverage stores is gradually showing a trend of normalization, and there is a large market space.

There are many brands of ice makers in the market now. Different brands have different prices, and they can be divided into commercial and household ones. Generally speaking, the price range of household ice makers will be between 500 and 1000, while commercial ice makers are more differentiated, mainly including integrated ice makers, split ice makers, bar ice makers, etc., with the price starting from 1K5.

Although each ice maker has its own characteristics, its functionality is relatively strong. In terms of practicality and applicability, it can be selected according to the store size, passenger flow and other needs.

To maintain the machine properly is to save money and make money. The external and internal condensers, evaporators and water supply tanks of the ice maker should be cleaned regularly to avoid long-term accumulation of ice and dust. When cleaning the equipment, neutral detergent should be used for scrubbing, instead of acid-base solvent or water pipe.

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