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The latest ice cream machine wholesale CE approved food processing hommy

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Snow cream machine, also known as snow cream freezer, can be an automated equipment specially designed for producing iced desserts snow cream. Relating to its purpose, glaciers cream machine can be divided into large-scale fridge used in manufacturing plant assembly series and commercial snow cream machine used in catering industry. How to choose snow cream machine for CE approved food digesting?

To begin with, we should pay attention to the product performance, good freezing impact, high result, good and steady development rate, etc. Glaciers cream beauty thinks that the most crucial thing to buy glaciers cream machine is quality and performance, and the purchase price must be reasonable. Don’t go in to the misunderstanding that you can buy a good ice cream machine at a minimal price.

Secondly, it depends on the failure rate of the gear. The low failing rate can ensure the constant supply of your ice cream.

Finally, it depends upon after-sales service. Good after-sales service can alleviate your worries.

Hommy glaciers cream machine adopts advanced international technology, the core components are imported from international brands, CE approved food, combined with a long time of working experience and consumer habits, did a number of optimization, to make it more meet up with the needs of users, many shop owners have used our machine, have set up a thumbs up!

The company has a specialist refrigeration technical team which is exquisite and efficient, United and pragmatic, pioneering and innovative, with senior engineers accounting for 20% and engineers accounting for 80%. Hommy is prepared to provide you with high-quality products and perfect after-sales service, so that you can enjoy delicious food without be concerned.


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