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The first pizza vending machine:here��s how it works-The Patent

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The first pizza vending machine has been installed in Rome: in only three minutes, it can turn out a pizza with four different toppings.

All over the world there are vending machines for from coffee to smartphones, from sandwiches to luxury cars (it really is present, it��s in Dubai). In Rome too, a couple of days ago, an extremely special kind of vending machine was installed: a pizza vending machine. It is a completely automated system with the capacity of producing a pizza in only three minutes. All the customer must do is choose the flavour (the flavours are margherita, spicy salami, bacon or four cheeses), insert money and press a button. The vending machine takes care of the remainder, exactly like ordering a espresso from the machine at work! The whole process is ��around the corner�� because the machine has glass windows that allow the customer to follow the various stages of the preparation of his pizza.

The first pizza vending machine

Rome��s pizza vending machine is located in Via Catania 2. It is just a few square metres wide and it is the first automatic exhibit pizza vending machine in Italy. This starting has aroused great attention. Obviously, there’s been some controversy about the ��disrespect�� that many people feel has been caused to the Italian culinary tradition. Nevertheless, many interested people made a decision to try the pizza from the device. ��Mozzarella and tomato are actually good,�� confides one customer, ��for me it��s good enough. ��The ingredients aren’t bad, the problem is the cooking food. Without leavening it comes out a bit dry�� adds another customer who is not too satisfied with his express pizza. Beyond interest and controversy, installing the first pizza vending machine in Italy could be an important step forward in the automation procedure for the food sector. In fact, there are already some important fast-food chains, canteens and restaurants in the world that ��rely�� on robots for the preparation of their dishes. Will it also happen in Italy?


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