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The first automated pizza vending machine installed in Rome

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Lately, the first vending machine named “hommy” came to Rome, which aroused great curiosity of the general public.

The device can knead noodles, season, cook, and deliver pizzas to customers in cartons, all in only 3 minutes. Flour will be mixed with water in the machine to create a 160 gram dough. Following the dough is flattened, the tomatoes will be evenly positioned on it. Then your machine will add other substances to the pizza chosen by the client. Seasoning is vacuum sealed storage space, only after the customer chosen will open. Then, after cooking at 380 ��, the pizza will be packed into cartons and newly baked.

The key reason why it can attract attention is precisely because hommy vending machine’s unique cooking method advocates the idea of delicious, healthy, nutritious, fast and hygienic. Not the same as the traditional vending machine, this device breaks the guidelines of the industry, adopts a fresher and healthier mode of on-the-spot production, and completely changes the existing standards and principles of junk food.

This intelligent fast food terminal equipment with independent intellectual property rights fills many domestic gaps in technology – intelligent background system, no manual operation mode, GPRS whole process monitoring and maintenance, diversified payment methods, led man-machine interface interaction, etc., properly integrates smart technology and Internet of things technology, and completes the home first and international leading technological leap.

Hommy pizza automatic vending machine is constructed of stainless steel. The looks design is novel and generous, the layout is acceptable, the precision is high, and the operation performance is more steady. A person can certainly open up a pizza shop, making the pizza end up being the food around us. Welcome all franchis


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