Sugarcane juice has a better automatic refrigeration effect. Why should you drink sugarcane juice iced, youa??ll only be able to enjoy the moment! The automatic cooling of sugarcane juice will make sugarcane taste great.

The compressor found in the sugarcane vending machines can make refrigeration possible. In the whole refrigeration system, the compressor is a crucial component that is considered to be the heart of the refrigeration system. This is why the compressor is essential in the sugarcane vending machine.

The power of the compressor, the cooling time and capacity of the cylinder influence the production of ice cream. These are not very important for hommy sugarcane vending machine. Hommy strives to offer an enjoyable experience to the customers.

Method of Sugarcane Juicer Application

1. To squeeze sugarcane juice from the cane, it needs to be cleaned and the sugarcane head sharpened to the opposite side.

2. Before you use the sugarcane juicer, first make sure to check the sugarcane juicer. cleanse the sugarcane juicer, and add some lubricating oil or edible oil to the bearings and gears of the juicer.

3. Then, verify that the voltage of the power supply for the sugarcane Juicer is in line with the requirements for juicing, and connect the power cord to the plug securely.

4. In the process of pressing sugarcane juice the machine must be adjusted in accordance with the sugarcane’s size, or the specifications of the machine that is pressing. If the sugarcane is too big, it could be divided into two parts to facilitate pressing.

The Best Method To Make The Most Of The Juice From Sugarcane Is To Automatically Refrigerate It With Sugarcane And Ice

5. Release the juice outlet valve prior to juicing. Begin squeezing the juice of sugarcane.

6. In general, when using the sugarcane juicer to extract sugarcane juice, the sugarcane skin has to be cleaned in order to ensure that the extracted sugarcane juice is clean and safe. To extract the sugarcane juice, it is essential to cut the sugarcane into smaller pieces or flakes.

7. After juicing, remove the power cord of the sugarcane juicer , and wash the machine as needed.

The Best Method To Make The Most Of The Juice From Sugarcane Is To Automatically Refrigerate It With Sugarcane And Ice

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