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The First Pizza Vending Machine: here is how it works - The Patent

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The first pizza vending equipment in the world should be the Let’s pizza. It was designed in Italy and it’s the only equipment that produce pizza from dough to ready to eat completely inside machine.

Recent years, because of raising heating of vending machine,   The device received different remarks from consumer who’ve tried the machine. For it’s distinguish operating process, it attracts plenty of attention from persons, to see the whole process from kneading dough,      Even so due to these method, the waiting time for a pizza to consume seems a little too much time, especially for a person who is hurry to work.

New pizza vending machines happen to be developed accordingly. Hommy Pizza vending machine is one the very best pizza vending equipment among them.

People no need to wait for the organizing of pizza.  When the order comes,    The whole process need only 3 minutes.  People can also purchase the pizza on the web, it not merely greatly shorten the time to spend in front the the device, but likewise avoid gathering, minimizing contacting with other people.


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