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The Fastest Machine - French Fries in 35 seconds

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When investing in French fries, customers just need to pay for the device and wait another 35 secs,

Hommy French fries vending machine fully considers the user’s experience, searches for the needs from the user’s perspective and ensures the quality. It orders meals through on the net or offline terminals, scans the code to get meals, and purchases directly. You don’t have to queue up, which saves time.

At present, there are all varieties of vending machines available. Hommy develops and generates a variety of products for numerous usage scenarios, such as for example pizza vending machine, orange juice equipment, ice cream vending machine, coffee machine, cola machine, etc., which are warmly welcomed the moment they are launched.

With great technology  content, high cost performance and good quality. Moreover, companies provide entrepreneurs with a cooperative mode of leasing to fully meet the needs of entrepreneurs.


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