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Sugarcane juicer machine - Sugarcane juice machine

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We can certainly find a sugarcane juice machine from the road in the hot summer season. The sugarcane juicer crush the sugarcane to get the new juice. People just purchase little bit of money then he can get a glass of delicious sugarcane juice. There are different sugarcane juice machines in the market for people who want to step into the sugarcane juice business.

We found some very good sugarcane juice machines. Including the one produce by manufacturer Hommy Enterprise (Xinhui) Co. Ltd from China. The sugarcane juice machines of ZJ170 series has instant chiller installed inside the machine,  and the ZJ190 series not only has chiller, but also built-in a freezer for storage.

The chiller can instantly cool the juice once juice are crushed and filter inside. Cooling temperature can be 2-10 levels, which can be adjusted based on the consumer��s habit or requirement, very flexible. For the freezer, you will keep the sugarcane inside, to help acceleration the cooling of juice or keep fresh of other component that you want to add to the sugarcane juice.

You will find 2 cup holders in the machine, very convenient for operation and hygienic.

Another attractive point of Hommy Sugarcane juice machine is that the machines are ultra quiet. You can��t hear much sound through the machine working, so the Hommy Sugarcane juice is the best option if you want to market the sugarcane juice machine in the retail center.


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