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Soft Serve and Glaciers Cream Machines | hommy

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Ice cream is an indispensable treat in summer. The profit of snow cream is relatively high, but the snow cream machine is also a sizable device, and the price is relatively expensive. An glaciers cream machine costs 6000-15000 yuan. The difference between different price ice cream machines is mainly reflected in the power and enlargement effect of the compressor. The development aftereffect of hommy ice cream machine and the quality of the compressor are relatively good, It can produce multiple ice cream continually, and the snow cream produced is softer and waxy without snow residue, which has better flavor and can save cost.

The key reason why hommy ice cream self-service vending machine can attract many consumers isn’t only because of its exquisite shape and cool appearance, but also since it can bring surprise consumption and service experience to customers. It reduces the specialized threshold of snow cream, and Xiaobai can easily make glaciers cream; The second is to reduce the working costs. We are able to operate without opening a shop, and we can operate without any employees. Its flexibility is also incomparable to the traditional mode. It is distributed in all sorts of squares, cinemas and other places, and can realize full-automatic production and sale without human being supervision every day and night.

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