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Soft Serve Ice Cream Machines and Machines by Sentry

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Compared with hard ice cream, soft ice cream is more popular, so how to choose smooth snow cream machine equipment, what should be paid attention to  Now let’s take a look.

Good expansion rate:

What’s the expansion rate of soft ice cream machine  Expansion rate identifies the three-dimensional aftereffect of air and glaciers cream powder, which makes its volume increase, and the percentage of quantity growth is growth rate. After the ice cream expands, its quality has been greatly improved and improved, because the ice cream consists of a lot of bubbles, making the ice cream feel easy and the stability of the merchandise is improved. The result of puffing is obvious, the taste is good, and it is not easy to melt.

The expansion rate of ice cream has a certain relationship with the expansion tube, expansion pump and recycleables. The expansion rate of Yulong hengruan glaciers cream machine is high, which greatly reduces the expense of making snow cream. Furthermore, the expansion rate is also the main element factor that straight affects the flavor of glaciers cream. Hommy high-end business smooth glaciers cream machine adopts brought in compressor, double operating-system and double secrets to regulate cylinder body at the same time.

Good compressor:

Refrigeration relates to the compressor found in the soft ice cream machine. In the complete refrigeration system, the compressor is an essential component, which is the same as the heart of the refrigeration system. Therefore, the compressor is very important for the smooth ice cream machine.

The output of ice cream is related to the power of the compressor, the cooling time and the capability of the cylinder body. These are nothing at all to hommy smooth ice cream machine. Hommy strives to bring customers a reasonable experience.

Hommy ice cream vending machine after more than a decade of research and development, technology and materials are very mature. Therefore, more local and foreign investors are willing to buy ice cream self-service machines from hommy to create income to them. Among the self-service machines of the same quality, the self-service machine of HOMM in China is more convenient and cheaper. Among the self-service machines of the same price, the self-service machine of China hommy is more exquisite in materials, more perfect in functions, and more convenient and hygienic in use. Welcome to discuss!


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