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Soda vending machine

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Nowadays, there are lots of snack and beverage vending machines can be found everywhere in the corner of the city. People can easily get bottles or cans of cold drinks that well prepared from the beverage factory.

However have you ever thought of DIY your soda drink from at vending machine? Now your dream will come true.  Hommy Enterprise has newly developed a Fresh Soda Beverage Vending machine. This full automatic soft drink vending machine can offer up to 36 selections for you.  The Soda drink can be freshly made and selected from: 3 kinds of fresh jams, 2 classic soft drink like coca cola and Sprite, 1 mixed drinks. You can choose sparkling water or no sparkling. You can also choose normal sugar or less sugar. If you want cool drink, you choose to add ice, which is produced in the machine automatically.  Of course, you can also choose no ice for your fresh drink. What a smart vending beverage machine it is

There is a color touch screen for operation. Choose you flavor from it, pay by cash or cashless, or even QR code, you will get your good tasty DIY soda drink in about 35 seconds. Try it if you found one in your city.


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