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Prospect of Hommy sugarcane juice machine

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Prospect of Hommy sugarcane juice machine

With the arrival of autumn and winter, the sugarcane juice has become a hot drink. It is rich in sucrose, fructose, glucose, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other minerals, aspartic acid, aspartic acid, alanine, citric acid and other amino acids. Drinking sugarcane juice can produce fluid and quench thirst, supplement water and heat. Sugarcane juicer is to meet the modern people's health, fresh fashion, fast and convenient diet pursuit, the introduction of the latest technology, carefully designed and built. The sugarcane juice squeezed by Kangmei's press type sugarcane juice machine belongs to pure natural green food, which is sweet, cool and nutritious.

Hommy sugarcane juicer for convenience, invented the juicer, squeezed out of sugarcane juice clean, pollution-free, belongs to pure natural green food, nutrition is extremely rich.

Sugarcane juicer is divided into manual sugarcane juicer and electric sugarcane juicer, also known as sugarcane press. Sugarcane Juicer generally has the advantages of beautiful shape, convenient operation, small investment and high juice production. It is suitable for being squeezed and sold in fruit shops, cold drink shops, herbal tea shops, restaurants, hotels and restaurants, stations and wharves, bars, card shops, schools, cinemas, coffee shops, parks, markets, residential areas and other places. Its use is quite extensive, and the sugarcane juice is very popular with consumers.

The principle of sugarcane juicer is to use the compression principle. The general sugarcane Juicer needs to remove the sugarcane skin before juicing, because the sugarcane skin contains certain pollutants. If you take the skin, it's not very hygienic. But that's not to say that the sugarcane Juicer can't squeeze sugarcane with skin. But the effect is not very good. Generally speaking, there are vertical sugarcane Juicers, hand-operated sugarcane Juicers and desktop sugarcane Juicers.

Hommy commercial Juicers have a wide range of products, including manual, electric, desktop, vertical, no refrigeration function or with refrigeration function.

After more than ten years of exploration and development, Hommy has become a benchmark enterprise in cane juice machine industry. And customers to develop together with fresh coconut milk and other products.

It has broad market prospect and investment profit.

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