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Professional Sugarcane machine hygiene manufacturers

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HOMMY is a professional producer of sugarcane juice machine

1. The cold cane juice of HOMMY juice machine is only cooled by the condensing system based on the original fresh cane juice, so that it keeps the sweetness of the original cane juice. It isn’t simply adding snow to increase the sweetness of sugarcane juice. The sugarcane juice machine with glaciers on the marketplace is equivalent to adding drinking water to dilute the sweetness of fresh sugarcane juice based on the original sweetness.

2. HOMMY sugarcane juice machine can squeeze the juice with even heat, which is more desirable for people to simply accept and has better flavor.

3. The fresh sugarcane juice from HOMMY sugarcane juice machine keeps the original natural ingredients of fresh sugarcane juice.

Based on the above reasons, all sugarcane Juicers with refrigeration function developed and made by HOMMY are striving to maintain the original 100 % natural ingredients of sugarcane juice and ensure that the temperature is between 2 �� and 5 ��. This not only ensures the freshness of sugarcane juice, but also raises its cool and cool taste, making customers forget to return.

From your pictures within our machine, we can easily see that all our sugarcane machines use physical rollers to compress sugarcane. The motor can change acceleration and adjust the roller pressure based on the diameter of sugarcane, so as to greatly boost the utilization rate of sugarcane, which can reach more than 90% typically. All rollers are made of edible stainless, all contact materials with sugarcane or sugarcane juice are made of stainless steel 304, and the exterior is made of stainless 201. The roller can be easily disassembled and washed. Convenient and hygienic

The quest for perfection is to check out the footprints of consumers, let each new cane juice break through the tradition, better and better; Pursue the best, choose the best from the best.


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