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Production method of automatic French fries machine

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Hommy is a fully automatic potato chip seller, and the process of quick frozen French fries "from raw to cooked" is completely completed in the automatic selling machine. When buying chips, customers only need to pay the machine. After a few minutes, the vending machine will automatically pour the chips out of the pot into the customer's cup, with forks, salt bags, ketchup or mayonnaise, and other sauce (optional). Before the chips arrive at the exit, they will pass three layers of filtration to ensure that there is no smoke residue, and the fast food is put on the street store.

It is an idea to make money by putting the hommy automatic potato chip vending machine in shops, shopping malls, cinemas, amusement parks, stations and any safe public places. It can also be used as advertising carrier to receive advertising fees.

The automatic French fries machine equipment has been widely used in various regions of the country. The French fries machine also has a non-corrosive appearance, and the operation and use are also very simple. The luxurious external design. The French fries machine is designed by absorbing the advantages of the same products at home and abroad. It has the characteristics of novel style, reasonable structure, convenient operation and fast heating up, etc. the potato tower machine is also a special equipment for fast food restaurants.

Hommy Products Co., Ltd. is the world's leading food machinery supplier. We provide the first rich and entrepreneurial French fries machine equipment for customers, and innovate the demand and cutting-edge technology driven innovation for the production of French fries machine, which makes the company in the forefront of the industry. The French fries machine produced by our company develops, innovates and develops to strive to achieve the world.

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