Sugarcane Juicer isna??t to be returned. If you decide to use it, you dona??t have an enjoyable experience and many will simply keep it idle. It is essential to use it properly to avoid unpleasant experiences. What do you think of the sugarcane juicer? You can see it

Production Method For Sugarcane Juicer

First, remove the fresh cane that has no tail. Peel it, and then remove the subcutaneous section. In general, a cane can extract one glass of sugarcane juice.

The second step is divide the sugarcane that has been peeled into parts (generally divided according to the size and thickness of the sugarcane and the diameter is greater than 3 centimeters) Then, place it into the juicer for extraction of juice or according to the guidelines in the instruction manual.

Step 3 if there is any abnormality within the middle of the juicer. Stop the machine immediately, switch off power or pull the belt by hand remove the sugarcane which isna??t pressing, or pour all the juice.

Step 4: If the juice is finished and you are ready to drink it, pour the juice into the cup, add water or if you dona??t like drinking cold, drink it directly.

Production Method For Sugarcane Juicer

Step 5 Clean the machine once youa??ve removed the juice. Dry it in a dry, ventilated area. Let it dry gradually.

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