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Price of Automatic Ice Cream Machine

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Price of Automatic Ice Cream Machine

Whether it is a traditional ice cream shop or a new self-service ice cream machine, customers can be seen waiting in line.

Due to the joint output of technological innovation and consumption upgrade, there are already manufacturers that produce self-service ice cream machines every year to provide users with products and services. HOMMY is one of the earlier self-service ice cream manufacturers that joined the partnership, so what is the price of the self-service ice cream machine? At present, the price of self-service ice cream of HOMMY Industry is generally between 35,000 yuan and 100,000 yuan. It is divided into desktop automatic ice cream machine and vertical automatic ice cream machine.

The price is moderate among the automatic ice cream machines on the market. We, HOMMY Industry, rely on honesty and sincerity to provide consumers with economical and practical self-service ice cream machines.

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