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Popcorn machine price

Views:2     Author:apple     Publish Time: 2021-04-12      Origin:hommy enterprise (xinhui) co. ltd

There are semi-automatic and full-automatic popcorn machines on the market. The quality varies and the price varies greatly.

HOMMY industry's popcorn machine is a fully automatic popcorn machine. The price of the popcorn machine is very high in similar products. It is very popular with investors.

The whole process is self-service, from payment to taking popcorn.

Now HOMMY industrial design and technical team continue to develop a variety of flavors of popcorn automatically. By adding jam of various flavors to the mixing shaft and adopting the proprietary technology of HOMMY popcorn machine, the original corn is expanded. This new expansion technology can be produced continuously, with high thermal efficiency, low production cost and simple operation. Finally, the ideal shelling effect is achieved.

All investors are welcome to invest in our popcorn self-service machine of Kangmei industry. We will provide excellent quality, comprehensive and considerate service guidance.

popcorn machine

popcorn self-service machine

fully automatic popcorn machine


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