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Popcorn machine

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With the development of science, technology and economy in recent years, there are more and more vending machines. Now they can be seen everywhere in the first and second tier cities. Third and fourth tier logistics line city vending machine is also increasing. Many people who want to engage in unmanned retail have doubts. Is it too late for me to engage in unmanned retail now? Can I still do it? Here, I can definitely give you an answer. It's not too late at all. Of course, it can be done. At present, it is still in the rising stage of the development of the industry, and the future is very good.


What kind of vending machine is it? Hommy is a leading producer of popcorn self-service machines in China. We have many experiences to share with you

Market potential: more than 90% of the world's people like popcorn, especially children and women, which fully reflects the huge demand of the market. The latest survey results show that China's per capita consumption of popcorn is only 1.1 liters, the average consumption of Europeans is 7 liters, and that of Americans is as high as 15 liters. In the next five years, China's per capita consumption of popcorn will reach 6 liters. After China becomes the world's largest producer and seller of popcorn, the demand for popcorn will rise sharply.

Hommy's self-service popcorn machine has the advantages of green environmental protection, heat preservation and energy saving, luxury and health, convenient and fast, labor-saving and time-saving, high production rate and so on. It is the most ideal and advanced popcorn making equipment. Welcome to inquire!

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