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Popcorn Vending Machine Automatic

Views:669230     Author:apple     Publish Time: 2021-04-03      Origin:hommy enterprise (xinhui) co. ltd

Hommy Enterprise recently developed the the first Full Automatic Popcorn Vending machine in the world that makes popcorn with flavors in the machine automatically.

The machine outside cover is stainless steel and wrap with nice picture. There is a 10” Operation and Advertising Screen with android system, allow people to choose flavors, order qty and payment method, also allow the operator to check the machine data, sales record, sales and machine setting, error, low inventory alert.

Machine can offer up to 7 kinds of flavors. People just simiple insert the money (cash or cashless), choose flavor from the touch screen, the machine will make popcorn and add flavor in the machine automatically. You will get a cup of delicious flavored popcorn in just 80~90 seconds.

popcorn machine commercial

popcorn making machines

popcorn machine video with price


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