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Popcorn Popper manufacturers, China Popcorn Popper suppliers

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Hommy is a leading producer of popcorn self-service machines in China. We have many experiences to share with you

Popcorn Popper manufacturers, China Popcorn Popper suppliers

Market potential: more than 90% of the world's people like popcorn, especially children and women, which fully reflects the huge demand of the market. The latest survey results show that China's per capita consumption of popcorn is only 1.1 liters, the average consumption of Europeans is 7 liters, and that of Americans is as high as 15 liters. In the next five years, China's per capita consumption of popcorn will reach 6 liters. After China becomes the world's largest producer and seller of popcorn, the demand for popcorn will rise sharply.

Simple operation, health protection in the first place: the use of a machine with two pots of sophisticated equipment, small power consumption (eight hours to use electricity), machine and liquefied gas used at the same time, can work continuously, simple operation. The professional personnel operate and teach the technology in person to ensure that each franchisee is proficient in the operation technology and learns the whole production process of "happy popcorn".

Hommy fresh popcorn vending machine, meticulously built, bold innovation, more sense of the times shape, beautiful and generous. HOMMY specializes in making food machines, providing automatic popcorn machines for various restaurants, and is responsible for the installation and delivery of the machines. At the same time can also be customized products of equipment: ice machine, automatic coffee machine, ice cream machine, beverage machine, popcorn machine, Qiao sand ice machine and so on! Welcome to consult!

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