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Pizza vending machine debuts in China�� horrifies everyone

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When will the pizza machine appear in your town? They may already be there, waiting for the exact instant to expose themselves and start conquering your neighborhood pizza racket.

The selection of pizza ingredients for the automatic pizza vending machine is surprising. The dog owner can freely arranged the type and taste of pizza.

For example: classic margarita, four types of cheese, spicy salami and… bacon? Even in america where bacon is enthusiastic, it has never really turn into a pizza ingredient, but it’s very popular in Italy, enough to ensure a place in the rotation of pizza automata.

An automatic pizza machine can make a pizza in only three minutes. You can also watch the pizza cooking process while you wait around. Pizzas range between 4.50 Euros and 6 Euros (US$5.20 to US$7.20), and there are four options: Margarita, four cheeses, spicy salam and Italian bacon.


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