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Pizza-making vending machines on their way to the Germany

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Nowadays, vending machines have been around people’s lifestyle circle. They can be observed in office structures, subway channels and stores. There are more and more types of goods on sale. Besides snack foods, there are blooms, juice, coffee, blind boxes etc. But vending machines offering ready cooked food are uncommon.

On the road near a square in Germany, there’s a pizza offering machine called “hommy”. At the moment, it can pick four kinds of flavors, and the price ranges from 4.50 euro to 6 euro. It can offer up to 900 pizzas each day. Customers can observe the process of kneading dough in the vending machine through a little window;

Within a city full of pizza places on the street, German pizza lovers are filled with curiosity and question about the concept of automatic sale, and some passers-by here also cast strange eyes;

“If you’re hungry late during the night and have no other choice, this machine comes into play handy,” says the owner of a close by shop; There are also young entrepreneurs who are contacting hommy to join and expand the coverage of the machine. “If someone desires to consume pizza at 4 a.m., it’s Okay. It isn’t the foe of the market.”

As a leading R & D and manufacturer of new pizza vending machine equipment in China, hommy company has generated an internet intelligent task team according to market development and requirements, which is committed to the introduction of Internet of things technology combining traditional industry with internet intelligence, and has formulated some R & D plans for new self-service sales terminals. What are you looking forward to? Friends who are thinking about hommy pizza vending machine can consult customer service anytime!


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