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Pizza Vending Machine In Italy CAN MAKE a Pizza In three minutes

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Pizza is the Italian version of fast food, a popular treat for lunch.  After the original pizza was first manufactured in Italy, it became popular in many countries just about everywhere. People used to eat a pizza in the restaurant. Because of increasing labour cost and to be able to prolong the business enterprise time, many of the pizzeria owners beginning to start a 24/7 available equipment, that is pizza vending machine..

The Pizza vending machine can start an additional income stream when placed in high-traffic areas, such as airports, gas stations, college campuses, shopping malls or even in the corner of street-with less risk than checking a second food shop.Pizza is the vending machines that make and sell pizza in the machine are hitting worldwide for it��s convenient, 24/7 availability.

People choose pizza from touchscreen, pay by cash or cashless,  the pizza vending machine will make a pizza in three minutes.

The device owner can manage the machines remotely from a web management. They are able to check the sale statistic and stock, to ensure they can sell more of the very most popular pizzas.  They can do also promotion based on the pizza valid date, to attract more customer and get the best income.


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