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The shell of hommy pizza vending machine is all-round non dead angle sealing, which can ensure the machine is free from external factors, dust-proof, insect proof, heat insulation, smoke-free and noise reduction. In addition, the machine shell material is strong, strong anti-attack ability, can have effect on human damage.

Internet monitoring

Video and hazard sensing alarm system is used inside and outside the equipment to monitor the internal and external equipment safety, food consumption, equipment operation and other multi-directional conditions. In case of any problem, the equipment will automatically report, alarm, even stop automatically, and other measures shall be taken to ensure the safety of the equipment in all directions.

Constant temperature cooling system – quality and preservation

The patented constant temperature cooling system is used in the interior to ensure the quality of the food material storage process, so that consumers can eat safely and comfortably.

International standard cleaning process

The equipment itself passes European CE certification to ensure the quality of the equipment itself, and the equipment is cleaned manually regularly to ensure the safety and sanitation of the equipment.

Software Assurance

Brand strategic cooperation is real

Hommy strictly checks the selection of food suppliers, and all choose the suppliers with good brand reputation and good product quality in the industry, so as to ensure the safety and quality of food supply to the greatest extent.

Tracking of the whole process cold chain logistics and distribution and the whole process of Internet of things to ensure the safety of distribution

Raw materials are distributed in cold chain and tracked by Internet of things to ensure food safety in logistics process to the greatest extent.

Automatic aseptic worry free

All raw materials are filled in one time, and storage tools and pipelines meet international food standards.

Remote monitoring of shelf life and quality assurance

Strictly abide by the double standard inspection at home and abroad, strictly control the quality guarantee period of raw materials, and prevent the expired deterioration of food materials.

The automatic pizza equipment produced by hommy is a special machine for making pizzas, including a complete set of pizzas production lines, including automatic pizzas machine, coin operated pizzas vending machine, unmanned pizzas vending machine, etc. Automatic pizza machine manufacturers and suppliers are the most ideal equipment for baking pizza, and they are the essential products used in major restaurants. Welcome to our customers!


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