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Pizza Self 24 | Personal Pizza Vending Machine

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Hommy Personal Pizza Vending Machine is probably the leading hot meals vending machine in the vending machine industry. You will find it in many countires, this is a “Genuine Cooking” machine, the pizza supply are in same top quality as the one you discover in pizzeria.

The Hommy Pizza vending equipment is an programmed and customizable vending equipment for hot  other snack foods, Focaccina and pizzas. Self work 24/7.  All foods are ready for consumption. People just simply choose flavor for a color touch screen, pay by money or cashless. The hot, delicious pizza will be shipped out in three minutes.  A very quick and smart aciton for snack food source. Except of pizza, it can be cutomized to serve Focaccina, hamburger, sealed meals, poultry, etc., with a broad range of applications.

When the device receive command from the touchscreen controller,   the covers of container will be opened, and the pizza will end up being delivered right out of the box into a particular crafted oven.   With the flexible heat range adjustment, you can arranged cook any sorts of pizza or snack foods.

The device status,        7 days weekly.  Contact us to find out more.


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