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Pizza Gio vending machine makes pizza in three minutes in China

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Nowadays, vending machines have been all over people’s lifestyle circle. They can be observed in office buildings, subway channels and stores. There are increasingly more kinds of goods on sale. Besides snack foods, there are flowers, juice, espresso, blind boxes and so on. But vending machines offering ready cooked food are rare.

Recently, a pizza vending machine appeared on the roads of Rome, and diners crammed cash into red machines, and a hot pizza arrived three minutes later.

It is reported that the 2-meter x1.78 meter machine is called “pizza”   Gio “, recently appeared in Westfield, Chatswood Sydney Shopping Mall attracts a lot of guests because it can make a full-scale pizza in three minutes for a cost of $12. The pizza owner said the amazing machine could combine the procedure of earning and distributing pizza�� The device made pizza is of the same quality as Pompei, fresh in material and significantly less than 3 minutes in creation. “

Local companies also import this type of machine and sell them in places like Ali. Additionally it is a reality that pizza can be produced in 3 minutes by the GIO pizza vending machine in China.

The pizza vending machine developed by comy can even enjoy the hot pizza in 50 seconds.

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