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Manufacturing method for Sugarcane Juicer

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Purchase sugarcane Juicer back, it is to use. It’s not advised to use it if you aren’t sure if you’ll like it. It is crucial to use it properly to avoid having a bad experience. What about the sugarcane Juicer It is possible to look it down

The first step is to take the fresh cane , without tail, peel, take the subcutaneous part, usually you can get a glass of sugar cane juice.

The next step is to separate the peeled sugarcane in parts. It is generally determined by its thickness and size , and the diameter that is greater than three centimeters.

3. If there’s any abnormality within the middle of the juicer, stop working immediately, shut off the power supply or pull the belt by hand then remove the sugarcane which isn’t pressing, or pour all the leftovers.

Step 4: If the juice is done, pour sugar cane juice into the cup, add ice to drink or if you don’t like drinking cold drink it straight away.

Step 5 clean the machine following the process of pressing juice, place it in a cool and dry place, and let it dry in a slow manner, paying attention not to expose it to the sun.

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