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Is it better to rent or buy a pizza vending machine?

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Currently many of the restaurants and food shops are seeking a substitute way to make up for the loss due to not enough working day or working time of the restaurant under the critical situation. On the other hand, the increasing labour cost for the worker also is not a small expenditure for the owner of the shop.

For it’s fast, fresh, 24/7 supply, Pizza vending machine becomes a way for the pizza very hot food vending machine that are widely popular in in the world especially in the European countries. Fr the pizzeria owners, the pizza vending machine can open up an additional revenue stream when placed in high-traffic areas, such as gas station, airports, university and shopping malls, with less risk and no need to worry about the increasing worker salary.

If you are planning to enter into the pizza vending machine business, you may hesitate whether it’s better to rent or buy a pizza vending machine. Actually as the new way to sell the pizza, the automatic pizza vending machine is intelligent,  no-labor-needed setup, as well as minimal risk.

It’s much better to buy than rent a machine. As you will be fast recoup the investment in 18 months considering serving 40 pizzas per day.

The pizzas can be batch produced n the pizzeria or make by pizza kitchen by the workers. Then the pizzas are baked, cooled, loaded and refrigerated until ready to transport to load into the machine. From the time the pizza load into the machine, the expiry date of the pizza will be taken into consideration. The machine sends message to email or mobile phone when a inventory level is reached, so the operator knows what and how much to refill.


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