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Introduction of Hommy popcorn vending machine

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automatic popcorn vending machine

After 2 or 3 years of development, Kangmei's Popcorn self-service machine has completed the perfect transformation from nothing to have, from have to excellent.

The main way to achieve high-temperature popcorn is to use the 120 degree popcorn machine. There is only one way of payment, that is, coin payment, and then there is a coin finding system.

The fried rice made in this way has dry taste, obviously insufficient fragrance and no lasting appeal. Customers' desire to buy is low. There are few payment methods. Many customers who only bring paper money or mobile phone payment are easy to give up eating popcorn and choose other self-service food.

The second generation popcorn is designed and made by commac engineers themselves, adding payment methods, including not only coins, but also paper money, 2D code, wechat payment, etc., which greatly increases customers' purchase opportunities.

The three generations of popcorn have been comprehensively upgraded, and they are also designed, researched and produced by Camry engineers themselves. They not only add more comprehensive payment methods, but also adjust the taste of popcorn, and even improve the appearance.

1. Payment method: coin, change money, paper money, wechat payment, 2D code payment, credit card payment, etc

Operation screen: clearer, clear operation steps and intuitive pictures. Optional size

3. The taste of fried rice has multiple choices: Caramel, sea salt, seaweed, cucumber, tomato and so on.

automatic popcorn vending machine

popcorn vending machine

commercial popcorn machine


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