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Intelligent vending machine, vending machine, vending machine manufacturer Jiangmen HOMMY products

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Vending machines have existed for a long time in China, but Chinese people don't like to use them. Relatively speaking, domestic stores are more suitable for our consumption concept. However, with the development of science and technology and the concentration of population, vending machines have made new progress in China. At present, vending machines can help operators save more costs in some big cities. In recent years, vending machine is more and more popular in our life. Bottled and canned vending machines with serpentine channels, beverage vending machines with spiral spring conveying channels, vending machines for snacks and daily necessities, and crawler vending machines selling fruits, vegetables and lunch through elevators. Careful friends may find that the above classification method is based on different products sold by vending machines. In fact, vending machines can also be divided into two categories according to their functions: vending machines and intelligent vending machines.

The traditional vending machine is the kind we saw many years ago. The machine can only accept banknotes and coins. It can't pay for scanning QR codes with a mobile phone. It can't connect to the Internet. This kind of traditional vending machine is difficult to manage. When replenishing goods, we can only drive the goods to the scene and replenish them blindly. It is impossible to transport the right goods qualitatively and quantitatively in advance. This is more troublesome, manual account statistical information about sales data is inefficient and labor cost is high!

Today's smart vending machines are different. In terms of payment methods, in addition to traditional cash payment methods, smart vending machines can also use mobile phones to scan QR code and face recognition payment methods. The more payment methods, the more customers and the more convenient purchase, the more sales will be increased.


The purchase experience of intelligent vending machine is much better. Customers can select products through the touch screen. They can also access online shopping centers through mobile phones, select products online and pay for them, and then get products from smart vending machines. They can also enter the delivery code or prize exchange code to receive the product. Intelligent vending machine is very interesting and can effectively stimulate consumers' desire to buy.

Intelligent vending machine management is more convenient. Through the Internet, intelligent vending machines placed in various places can automatically upload sales data to the management background. Administrators can view the status and sales data of each machine anytime and anywhere through the background account. The intelligent vending machine also has the function of prompting out of stock. Intelligent vending machine has high work efficiency and reduces labor cost naturally!

We are familiar with all the vending machines and know the quality of each vending machine. Please ask us to recommend the vending machine for you. The price will surprise you!

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