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Intelligent popcorn machine_Popcorn equipment in cinema stores_Heat insulation box

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There are many snacks and drinks on the market, especially popcorn, which is a traditional leisure food sold in cinemas. Popcorn has a pure flavor, fragrance, sweetness, crispness and crispness. It is supported and loved by consumers, especially by adults and children, especially young men, women and students. It is a must-have snack for watching movies and dating, Or a party with friends.

HOMMY multi-functional automatic popcorn machine has the advantages of large capacity, fast heating production, and is suitable for commercial use. After stopping heating, the pot body can be quickly separated from the heat source, so as to prevent high-temperature waste heat from causing pot paste. It can effectively save manpower, improve production rate and reduce production cost through automatic design and manufacturing. It is the necessary equipment for your shopping activities.


In general, the profit of popcorn is not very amazing, but the benefit of cost recovery is obvious. The risk is low. The project can open a shop or operate on the fast food truck. As long as the location is correct and the machine is used strictly, it can not only extend the service life of the machine, but also easily make profits as the boss! Buy Automatic popcorn machine in HOMMY

HOMMY company, provide free technology on site, teach you how to do automatic popcorn machine company!

HOMMY company adheres to scientific and technological innovation, and finally invented the only HOMMY popcorn multi-function vending machine in the industry. This machine has small investment, fast cost recovery, high profit and low risk, which can be called "entrepreneurial artifact".

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