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In the catering industry there were robots used. Hommy invented the vending machine to sell ice cream.

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As the field of social and technology advance, so do automated products. Automated devices greatly ease the lives of people and can quietly alter the way people live their lives. The ice cream machine is an automatic machine that is a summer fire is seen everywhere in large shopping places restaurant, stationeries, and other places with large traffic. Let’s now learn more about the automatic ice cream machine.

The combination of social and technological advancements has resulted in automated ice cream machines. As compared to the traditional ice cream machine, it offers a number of advantages.

The benefits of an automatic ice cream maker are initially evident in the floor space. To get the most benefit of ice cream stores, and the equipment that goes with them should be located in areas of high traffic. Traditional ice cream stores typically need to cover an area of between 10 and 30 square meters. They also have to pay transfer charges. They must also face the challenge of finding a shop. The ice cream machine that is automated produced by hommy covers a space of just 0.85 square meters. The machine is lightweight and can be put to use in many different locations. It is easy to find an area of prosperity. Traditional ice cream shops require an aesthetically pleasing design and a specific decoration to draw customers. This could create high-costs. The automatic ice cream machine doesn’t have to worry about the issue in any way as it will completely cover the entire store without decoration.

The benefits of an automated ice cream machines are evident in the expenses like rent, work costs, electricity, and the total operating expenses. For an automatic Ice Cream Machine, in general, it only needs about 2000 yuan of rent, 300 yuan in electricity, and approximately 500-1000 Yuan of labor cost a month (mainly for the operation and maintenance of 5-10 automated ice cream machines) And the total operating expense is only 3000 dollars. Contrary to traditional ice cream shops, it’s more costly to lease the best location and require three to four employees working shifts. Daily lighting is also required for the shop. This can be more costly than an automatic ice-cream machine.

The advantages of an automated ice cream maker are apparent in the selling mode. The automatic ice cream machine, which is black in tech and has its own hot points and flow that can attract consumers to pay attention. Traditional shops are still required to sell traditional goods.

According to the statistics, China’s consumption of ice cream is estimated to be close to 100 billion Yuan and continues to increase. But, the current ice cream vending machine use is only 600,000. When compared to Europe, America, Japan and other nations, China’s vending machine market has a lot of potential. Afraid of such a large market size with a rapid growth rate and an increasing space, China’s manned retail business is expanding rapidly and attracting young entrepreneurial partners to enter the smart market for ice cream machines.

The Hommy vending machine has modern designs and is boldly ingenuous. Hommy is a specialist in food machinery and also provides vending machines for ice cream to various catering restaurants. He also handles delivery, pick-up, and set-up of the machines. At the same time, the equipment of custom-made items include ice maker automated coffee machine beverage machine, pizza maker, popcorn machine, etc! Welcome to consult!


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