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Ice cream making machine

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The ice cream making machine can be equipped with pump or self-flow type, and pasteurized ice cream machine according to the needs.

 Features of pump and self-flowing ice cream machine:

The machine with air pump increases the air content in the ice cream and increases the puffing rate. The puffing rate can reach between 40-80%, making the ice cream more delicate and smooth. Generally speaking, most merchants in the market will choose this type of machine from comprehensive factors such as taste and cost.

The self-flowing ice cream machine mainly relies on the gravity flow of raw materials, and the puffing rate can reach up to 40%. The texture of ice cream is relatively hard, which is more suitable for making chocolate and yogurt ice cream.

Features of ice cream machine with pasteurization:

In the conventional soft ice cream machine, the high temperature disinfection function is added. The conventional machine can be cleaned once in 3 days, and the pasteurized machine can be cleaned once in 14 days, which can more effectively ensure food safety, greatly improve efficiency and save labor. Taking these factors into consideration, generally large chain businesses are more willing to choose machines with this function.

How to choose the right soft ice cream machine? It can be selected according to the following main points:

1. First determine the type of flavor. If it is a single flavor, such as yogurt, matcha and chocolate, you can consider a single-head machine, and other multi-flavors can choose a three-head machine.

2. Secondly, the sales volume is estimated. Based on experience and calculations, the number of cups to be sold per day can be determined so that it is a vertical or desktop machine. Generally, if the daily sales volume is less than 2000 copies, you can consider choosing a desktop computer to meet the requirements. The output of a general desktop computer can reach 200-500 copies/hour, which can achieve the highest cost performance. Others can consider choosing a vertical machine.

3. Finally, according to the characteristics of the product, you can choose the pump or self-flow type. If it is a single flavor, such as yogurt and chocolate, you can consider the self-flow type machine to be more suitable. Others, considering the taste and cost, can choose the pump machine.

4. In addition, for the comprehensive consideration of hygiene and safety, efficiency improvement, manpower saving and management convenience, consider choosing a pasteurization machine.

5. Buy big brand machines as much as possible, so that there are fewer problems in the production process, good continuous stability, longer service life, and better taste.

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