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Ice Cream Machine Broke

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Ice cream machine bought back, more or less in the process of operation will appear all kinds of fault. Some are caused by improper operation, some are caused by the machine itself. Today I would like to share with you the common troubleshooting of ice cream machine.

1. Phenomenon: the machine does not start.

Possible cause a: the power supply of the equipment is not working. Solution: check the power supply.

Possible cause B: the cable inside the machine is loose. Solution: check and fix by professional electrician.

Possible cause C: computer board failure. Solution: call the after-sales service.

2. Phenomenon: water leakage and material leakage of outlet valve.

Possible cause a: the sealing ring of outlet valve is damaged. Solution: replace the sealing ring of the outlet valve.

Possible cause B: the valve stem sealing ring is damaged. Solution: replace the valve stem sealing ring.

Possible cause C: the fastening nut is not tightened. Solution: tighten the nut.

3.The residual pipe is leaking.

Possible cause a: agitator seal damaged. Solution: replace the seal ring of agitator.

Possible cause B: the seal of reducer is damaged. Solution: call the after-sales service.

4.The ice cream is too soft.

Possible cause a: unreasonable gear setting. Solution: change the gear.

Possible cause B: small space around the machine, poor heat dissipation. Solution: leave a suitable space for heat dissipation.

Possible cause C: the scraping strip is worn. Solution: replace the scraper.

Possible cause d: the condenser is too dirty. Solution: clean the condenser.

Possible cause e: quality of raw materials. Solution: change the material.

Possible cause F: refrigerant leakage. Solution: call the after-sales service.

Possible cause G: cooling fan failure. Solution: call the after-sales service.

5.The machine is in automatic state but does not discharge.

Possible cause a: the feed port freezes. Solution: stop and thaw.

Possible cause B: there is no material in the hopper. Solution: feeding.

Possible cause C: the expansion tube is reversed. Solution: re install the expansion tube.

6.There is static electricity in the case.

Possible cause: the power cord is not effectively grounded. Solution: the power line is grounded correctly

In case of failure, please judge the cause correctly. If you can solve it by yourself, deal with it by yourself. If not, please call after-sales service to avoid damaging the machine.

HOMMY company has a perfect after-sales team to help you analyze all kinds of faults at any time. During the warranty period, we promise to provide damaged parts for replacement free, and provide a complete video to teach you how to install and operate step by step.


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