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Ice Cream Cone Maker Machine Supplier

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Friends who are familiar with the ice cream industry must know that the price of ice cream machines on the market ranges from thousands to tens of thousands, so where is better to purchase ice cream machines? Let’s expose the price of ice cream machine first!

Ice cream machine prices are different, such as: the material of the machine, the selection of key components, the processing accuracy of the freezer, etc. all affect the price of ice cream machine. Today, let’s talk about one of the important factors affecting the price of ice cream machine: compressor.

Compressor is one of the most important parts of ice cream machine, which is equivalent to human heart. A good compressor is very different from an ordinary compressor, and the price is also very different.

Ordinary ice cream machine uses air conditioning compressor, the limit refrigeration temperature of this kind of compressor is – 5 ℃, and the temperature of ice cream refrigeration molding is – 5 ℃ to – 6 ℃. Therefore, the ordinary ice cream machine equipped with air-conditioning compressor from the start, the machine is in the limit of work, so the service life of the ordinary machine is very short.

All models of hommy are equipped with imported special compressors for ice cream machines. The lowest refrigeration temperature can reach – 30 ℃, and the temperature from – 5 ℃ to – 6 ℃ is its normal working range. It has large production capacity, and it is silent and energy-saving. The machine has a long service life and works in a stable state every day.

Now you know, the compressor is very important for the ice cream machine, its quality directly determines the price of an ice cream machine. So Xiaobian reminds you that before you buy the ice cream machine, you must first pay attention to the compressor used by the ice cream machine!

Kangmei ice cream vending machine has become a complete supply chain. There are professional vending machine raw material suppliers with hundreds of flavors. With vending machine technology, it can realize self deployment and quick cup delivery. The operator’s operation is simple and takes less time. It can add materials in the morning and collect money in the evening. It is a good choice for business or sideline. Welcome interested friends to consult!


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